Hi Everybody,

Can someone describe what happens at the symposium? Is there lots of discussions? I have the program but that does not really give me a sense of what to expect.



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Hi Anna,

Thanks so much for the interest!  If you have ever been to a National Conference, you can expect a similar type of atmosphere, the main difference being that all of our program sessions will be revolving around Teen Literature in some way.  Some programs or sessions might involve discussion . .  usually they have a description that will specify that a segment of the program will be a discussion.  One tip I would suggest is that you create a tentative schedule so you can plan your days and make them as fulfilling as possible, in terms of your professional interest and enhancements.  Also, be sure to check-out the vibrant city of Saint Louis in the evenings after the day's symposium programs have winded down!  Feel free to reply to this as we can provide more information if that was too vague.


Tom Spicer, YA Lit. Symposium Task Force Member 

Thank you, Tom!  That helped a lot. I can't wait! 

Here's a nitty-gritty question - around what time are activities over on Sunday?  I'm trying to determine if it would be reasonable to fly home on Sunday, or if I should plan to stay that night and fly out Monday.

Going off the last two Symposiums, most people leave after the Closing Session (which normally ends around noon on Sunday). But, the hotel will be right by the arch and a lot of great things in St. Louis. Some people may want to take the rest of Sunday to explore the city.

my plan was to leave early Monday. I do want to take time to explore the city. 

Thanks, Hannah!

This is my first Symposium as well. Actually it's my first conference of any type! Excited to meet everyone in St. Louis!

Is there a more detailed program/schedule available somewhere? I would really like to pour over it to determine the best sessions for both me and my students...

Is there somewhere I can find a list of what is happening at what times or is that something that is coming later?

I'm arriving a day early, well night actually.  I have a pre-conference session to attend on Friday morning and hope to take the afternoon to do a couple things around the city.  Let me know if you'd like to join me?  This is not my first symposium, and I do try to take in a little of the areas I visit.  However I need to fly out on Sunday right after the conference, so I'll be leaving the hotel by noon.

If you haven't already found it check under > Programs & Presenters - Schedule

Yes I saw that thank you. I was hoping for more information (times, what events there are etc.) on the evening programing I keep seeing people write about. The stuff outside of the seminars.



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