Here's the forum for letting the symposium attendees in on all of those little-known coffee shops, restaurants and attractions you know about that make St. Louis interesting.

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I was heading home near St. Louis this past weekend and the person I went with got all excited over the World Chess Hall of Fame. I didn't even know that St. Louis had this, but it was right there near all the other great free attractions (like the zoo & the Science Center). If you are really into chess this is the place to go.

While I was in St. Louis I had to stop off at Lions Choice! Yum! Why can't they put these everywhere? The person I was with hates fast food, but I convinced him to try it after much pleading and begging (knowing how good they are). His roast beef sandwich was gone in no time. "Much better then Arbys" & "Why are they only in St. Louis" were his two reactions. YOU MUST EAT HERE!

I will have to try Lions Choice while I am there. Thanks!

If anyone wants to find a lions choice while in St. Louis Maybe we can get a group together to go.

Hey Hannah,

I would definitely like to get a group for some lion's Choice, sounds fun!


As a St. Louis Native I have to concur Lion's Choice is the best!

Other food native to St. Louis that you must try, Toasted Ravioli, and gooey butter cake.

I am pretty excited about going to Sweetie Pie's. I am arriving early, my Birthday is November 1. So that will be my Birthday present to me. "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's". 

Adding 'Sweetie Pie's' to my list, as well!

Here is St. Louis Click this link to watch a video by Anastasis Films on St. Louis.

They have really good milkshakes!

Crown Candy is fantastic and the "real deal!"

St. Louis has a ton of free stuff to do,

previously mentioned is the zoo and science center, also nearby the zoo is the art museum and history museum which are also free.

The city museum although not free is a really cool place to hang out

I live in St. Louis so if you have specific questions about the area I'm happy to help :)

Here are some fun things:

Saratoga Lanes ( an old fashioned bowling alley

I concur about City Museum. You really shouldn't miss it. It's not a museum full of paintings and sculpture, but recycled things made into other things that you can play on!  Plus, it's open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays! Really great. Lots of fun. Here's the web site link again:

The London Tea Room is close by. Is good!

The Moohla Theater.  Big single screen theater, leather couches, cheap popcorn (by theater standards) Drinks available.

For barbeque, Pappy's Smokehouse or read an article on the 5 best barbeque restaurants here:

If your a Scotophile, you might like the Scottish Arms restaurant with a great single malt whisky menu! The foot is great too!

Go up in the Arch if you have time. The museum below is excellent. But make reservations online to go to the top.

And the City Garden is really neat. I think it's a pretty easy walk from the hotel.

And don't forget one of the *best* indie bookstores ANYWHERE, not just St. Louis, Left Bank Books: 321 N. 10th, close to the hotel too!



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